Research Vision
  • 20 Mar, 2020
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MY RESEARCH JOUNEY FOR LAST 9 YEARS: Focusing on the “Desing tools”

Many future applications will require advanced embodied interactions, such as digital twin facility systems, virtual museums, virtual meetings, smart physical environment, or human-robot collaborations. For the last nine years, I have especially focused on investigating embodied design tools through three directions: embodied interactions as input, interactive and intelligent virtual humans, and knowledge capture and insight.

This diagram shows the overview of my research vision and three research directions I have taken so far. The first row explains my approaches using visual diagrams and keywords. The second row illustrates the projects I have done in the past for each direction. The third row indicates potential research projects within the domain of design and design tools. Finally, the last row explains other future research directions beyond design, that can be built upon my previous works and vision.


I believe that my research vision could envisions new, human-centered manner of understanding, analyzing, simulating, and designing embodied interactions for future systems. This innovative and systematic approach can be applied to various metaverse applications from multiple domains, including design, education, health, entertainment; to both industry and academia. Similar to what I have done so far, I will continue exploring the potentials of digital embodiment in supporting design industries. Moreover, I will also look into applying what I have learned to other systems beyond design